The service script will only start if <JAVA_HOME> and <PA_HOME> are set and the PingAccess license file is found.

  1. Copy the PingAccess script file from <PA_HOME>/sbin/linux/pingaccess to /etc/init.d.
  2. Optional: Create a new user to run PingAccess.
  3. Create the folder /var/run/pingaccess.

    Ensure that the user who will run the service has read and write permissions to the folder.

  4. Edit the script file /etc/init.d/pingaccess and set the values of following variables at the beginning of the script:
    • export <JAVA_HOME>=: Specify the Java install folder.
    • export <PA_HOME>= : Specify the PingAccess install folder.
    • export USER=: (Optional) Specify username to run the service or leave empty for the default.
  5. To register the service, from the /etc/init.d folder, run:
    chkconfig --add pingaccess
  6. To make the service script executable, run:
    chmod +x pingaccess

After registering, you can use the service command to control the PingAccess service. The available commands are:

Start the PingAccess service.
Stop the PingAccess service.
Restart the PingAccess service.
Show the status of the PingAccess service and the service process identifier (PID).

The command service pingaccess status displays the current status of the running PingAccess service.