If you want to then switch back to the original console, you must recreate it as a replica administrative node, then fail over to it.

  1. Install the new replica administrative node.
  2. In the file, change the value for pa.operational.mode to CLUSTERED_CONSOLE_REPLICA.

    This property is case-sensitive.

  3. Click Settings and then go to Clustering > Administrative Nodes.
  4. Change the Primary Administrative Node host name and port to the failed-over node.
  5. Remove the Replica Administrative Node public key, then change the Replica Administrative Node host name and port to point to the new replica node.

    If your key pair does not include a wildcard, you can use the same host name as the original console to avoid having to recreate the console key pair and the files for each engine.

  6. Click Save & Download to download the bootstrap file for the replica administrative node.
  7. Copy the downloaded file to the new replica administrative node's <PA_HOME>/conf directory and rename it to
  8. Edit the <PA_HOME>/conf/ file on the new replica administrative node and change the value of pa.operational.mode to CLUSTERED_CONSOLE_REPLICA.
  9. Start the new replica node.
  10. To verify replication has completed, monitor the <PA_HOME>/log/pingaccess.log file and find the message Configuration successfully synchronized with administrative node.