After the server is installed, access the Administrative Console, https://hostname:HTTPport/console/login, to verify the configuration and manage the server. To log into the Administrative Console, use the initial root user DN specified during setup (by default cn=Directory Manager).

The dsconfig command or the Administrative Console can be used to create additional root DN users in cn=Root DNs,cn=config. These new users require the fully qualified DN as the login name, such as cn=new-admin,cn=Root DNs,cn=config. To use a simple user name (with out the cn= prefix) for logging into the Administrative Console, the root DN user must have the alternate-bind-dn attribute configured with an alternate name, such as "admin."

By default the link to the Administrative Console is https://hostname:HTTPport/console/login.

If the Administrative Console needs to run in an external container, such as Tomcat, a separate package (/server-root/resource/ can be installed according to that container's documentation.

Note: The session timeout for the console is 24 hours by default. When this duration is exceeded, all inactive users are logged off automatically.
To set a different timeout value, configure the server.sessionTimeout application parameter, which specifies the timeout duration in seconds. You can set the value as an init parameter either in the console or on the command line, as shown below.
  • Console

    Select Web Application Extensions > Console and then use the Init Parameter field.

  • Command line

    The following example uses a value of 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

    dsconfig set-web-application-extension-prop --no-prompt \ 
    --extension-name Console \ 
    --add init-parameter:server.sessionTimeout=1800

For the change to take effect, restart the HTTP(S) Connection Handler or the server itself.