1. Create a text file that lists each dsconfig command with the complete set of properties that you want to apply to the Directory Proxy Server. The items in this file should be in the same format as those accepted by the dsconfig command. The batch file can have blank lines for spacing and lines starting with a pound sign (#) for comments. The batch file also supports a "\" line continuation character for long commands that require multiple lines.
    # This dsconfig operation creates the exAccountNumber global attribute index.
    dsconfig create-global-attribute-index
    --processor-name ou_people_dc_example_dc_com-eb-req-processor
    --index-name exAccountNumber --set prime-index:true
    # Here we create the entry-count placement algorithm with the
    # default behavior of adding entries to the smallest backend
    # dataset first.
    dsconfig create-placement-algorithm
    --processor-name ou_people_dc_example_dc_com-eb-req-processor
    --algorithm-name example_com_entry_count
    --type entry-counter
    --set enabled:true
    --set "poll-interval:1 m"
    # Note that once the entry-count placement algorithm is created
    # and enabled, we can delete the round-robin algorithm.
    # Since an entry-balancing proxy must always have a placement
    # algorithm, we add a second algorithm and then delete the
    # original round-robin algorithm created during the setup
    # procedure.
    dsconfig delete-placement-algorithm
    --processor-name ou_people_dc_example_dc_com-eb-req-processor
    --algorithm-name round-robin
  2. Use dsconfig with the --batch-file option to read and execute the commands.