The following should be considered before deploying in a production environment:
  • Minimizing Replication Conflicts. Attention should be paid to the origin of client write requests to prevent a conflict. If two different clients attempt to create an entry with the same name, DN, at the same time against different servers, the possibility exists that both client requests will succeed. In this case, a conflict alert will be sent by the server. However, understand the client traffic pattern beforehand will minimize these occurrences. The Directory Server's Assured Replication feature and the PingDirectoryProxy Server can both assist in minimizing conflicts.
  • Replication Purge Delay. Adjust the default one-day replication purge delay, consistently across all servers, to accommodate automatic catchup of changes when a server is offline for an extended period of time. The replication changes database, stored in <server-root>/changelogDb, grows larger as the replication purge delay is increased. A minimum value should be defined.

The rest of this section highlights other topics of consideration.