Critical Fixes

This release of the PingDirectory Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the PingDirectory Server.

Ticket ID Description


Fixed an issue in which the server would always reject an operation with a request control that the client did not have permission to use, regardless of the control's criticality. It will continue to reject the operation if the disallowed control has a criticality of true, but if the criticality is false, the server will continue processing the operation as if that control had not been requested.


Fixed an issue where attempting to change a password that's within the minAge now responds with an UNABLE_TO_PERFORM code rather than INVALID_CREDENTIALS.


Resolved a performance issue that caused the dsreplication enable command to take in excess of 90 minutes to complete, in topologies of 25 or more PingDirectory servers.


Fixed an issue where the temporary filename prefix used in combination with an index name could exceed the maximum filename length of 255 characters.


Fixed an internal error that could cause a replicated PingDirectory Server topology to have unstable master selection.


Added the configuration property insignificant-config-archive-base-dn to the Config File Handler backend. This property can be used to control the rate at which the configuration archive grows by removing files that record only changes under the specified base DN(s).

If an existing configuration entry is updated, but all of the changes are restricted to one or more of these base DNs, then the updated configuration will be added to the configuration archive, but that archived configuration file may be removed after the next configuration change.

By default, this property will apply to the topology registry subtree.


Fixed a security issue that could potentially affect customers using Delegated Admin. Customers are advised to apply a maintenance patch or upgrade to the latest supported versions of the PingDirectory Server. The Delegated Admin application is unaffected and does not require updating. Additional details are provided in SECADV039.