1. Identify the key contacts:
    Ping primary contacts Contact phone or email

    Account executive

    Ping Technical Support

    North America: 1-855-355-PING (7464)

    EMEA: 44 0 808 196 0788

    APJ: 61 1800 370 672


    Internal primary contacts

    Project manager

    Technical team

    Technical team

    Additional stakeholders

  2. Review the release notes for the upgrade version:
    Pre-upgrade task Completion date Assignee

    Review release notes for upgrade.


    If you skip versions (for example, if you’re upgrading from version 2.0 to version 5.0) we recommend reviewing the upgrade guides, release notes, and system requirements for versions 3.0 and 4.0, as well as version 5.0, to ensure that your upgrade goes smoothly.

    Perform any pre-upgrade tasks.

    Define your rollback plan.

    Review the post-upgrade requirements and note any applicable tasks.

  3. Perform a trial upgrade:
    Trial upgrade task Completion date Assignee

    Schedule a trial upgrade on a duplicate image or staging environment.


    If your staging upgrade environment differs significantly from your production upgrade environment, making a copy of the production environment (for PingFederate and PingAccess, at a minimum, the admin server and one runtime server) can help you find any anomalies that you need to address prior to a full production upgrade.

    Review the upgrade log. Note the anomalies, differences, and results.

    Review your custom templates, compare them to the original versions, and determine if these customizations need to be carried over to the templates in the new version. This review is especially important if adapter templates were added or updated.

    Migrate your custom .jar files.

    Migrate your HTML templates.

    Migrate your velocity templates.

    Verify upgrade reliability according to your company standards.

    Create the timeline and tasks for your production upgrade.

  4. Perform your production platform upgrade:
    Production upgrade task Completion date Assignee

    Create the upgrade task list for your production environment.

    Schedule your upgrade to minimize downtime.

    Notify Ping support of scheduled upgrade.

    Create a case in the Support Portal with the type = "Upgrade" and include important details such as the date and time of your move, which products you are upgrading, the old and new version, and helpful architectural details.