PingFederate Server provides end users with the ability to self-service their own profiles. To enable this capability, additional configuration is required on the user REST resource type in PingDirectory Server.

Before attempting to configure the REST resource type, ensure that you have already configured profile management by users on PingFederate Server. For more information, refer to "Configure profile management by users" and "Set up PingDirectory for customer identities" in the PingFederate Administrator's Manual.

Configure the REST resource type as follows:

$ bin/dsconfig set-rest-resource-type-prop --type-name users \
  --add auxiliary-ldap-objectclass:pf-connected-identities \
  --set post-create-constructed-attribute:pf-connected-identity
Important: To ensure that you can view users who are already defined in the directory, add the auxiliary object class pf-connected-identities to all existing users in your PingDirectory Server.