• Use dsconfig to configure the UID Unique Attribute plugin to apply across multiple attributes. The multiple-attribute-behavior property is set to "unique-within-each-attribute", which indicates that uniqueness will be enforced for all values of each attribute (e.g., telephoneNumber=123-456-7890 and mobile=123-456-7891), but the same value (e.g., either 123-456-7890 or 123-456-7891) may appear in different attributes in the same entry or in different entries.
    $ dsconfig create-plugin \
      --plug-in "Unique telephoneNumber and mobile" \
      --type "unique-attribute" \
      --set "enabled:true" \
      --set "type:telephoneNumber" \
      --set "type:mobile" \
      --set "multiple-attribute-behavior:unique-within-each-attribute" \