1. Create the service unit configuration file in a temporary location where "ds" is the user the PingDirectoryProxy will run as.
    $ bin/create-systemd-script \
         --outputFile /tmp/ping-directory.service \
         --userName ds
  2. As a root user, copy the ping-directory.service configuration file into the /etc/systemd/system directory.
  3. Reload systemd to read the new configuration file.
    $ systemctl daemon-reload
  4. To start the PingDirectoryProxy, use the start command.
    $ systemctl start ping-directory.service
  5. To configure the PingDirectoryProxy to start automatically when the system boots, use the enable command.
    $ systemctl enable ping-directory.service
  6. Log out as root.
    If on an RC system, this task is done by creating the startup script with bin/create-rc-script and moving it to the /etc/init.d directory. Create symlinks to it from the /etc/rc3.d directory (staring with an “S” to ensure that the server is started) and /etc/rc0.d directory (starting with a “K” to ensure that the server is stopped).