Known Issues

The instance name of a server that PingDataMetrics Server will monitor must consist of fewer than 256 characters. A server's instance name is specified during setup.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDataSync Server:

Ticket ID Description
DS-36271 and DS-36797 Added the ability to synchronize pre-encoded passwords to the PingOne for Customers Sync Destination.
DS-36642 Added a configuration option to allow a null serverFQDN for the GSSAPI SASL mechanism to permit an unbound SASL server connection.

Updated the keys and values that are used in the monitoring JMX MBeans to conform with best practices. The keys type and name are now used in place of Rdn1 and Rdn2.

To maintain backward compatibility with existing monitoring solutions, installations that upgrade to this release will retain the earlier behavior. However, they can revert to the default behavior by setting the global configuration property jmx-use-legacy-mbean-names to false.

DS-37275 Improved supportability by enhancing the logging for the PingOne for Customer Sync Destination to expose all errors from the PingOne API.