1. On the Configuration main menu, enter the number corresponding to Subtree View.
  2. On the Subtree View menu, enter the number corresponding to "Create a new Subtree View."
  3. Enter the option to create the new subtree view from an existing one.
  4. Select the dc_example_dc_com-view subtree view.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the subtree view configuration.
  6. Configure the base DN property of the Sample dataset.
  7. Enter the request processor created in the previous section.
  8. Review the configuration properties, and enter f to save changes.
    >>>> Configure the properties of the Subtree View
            Property           Value(s)
        1)  description        -
        2)  base-dn            "o=sample"
        3)  request-processor  o_sample-req-processor
        ?)  help
        f)  finish - create the new Subtree View
        d)  display the equivalent dsconfig arguments to create this
        b)  back
        q) quit