1. From the Directory Server server root directory, open the sun-ds-compatibility.dsconfig file in the docs folder. You can use a text editor to view the file.
  2. Read the file completely.
  3. Apply any changes to the file by removing the comment symbol at any dsconfig command example, and then applying the dsconfig command specifying the batch file.
    $ bin/dsconfig --no-prompt --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \ 
      --bindPassword "password" --batch-file /path/to/dsconfig/file
  4. Run the migrate-ldap-schema tool to move the schema definitions on the source server to the destination Ping Identity server.
    $ bin/migrate-ldap-schema
  5. Next, run the migrate-sun-ds-config tool to see what differences exist in the Ping Identity configuration versus the Sun/Oracle configuration. On the PingDirectory Server, run the following command:
    $ bin/migrate-sun-ds-config
  6. Test the server instance for further settings that may not have been set with the batch file, the migrate-ldap-schema tool, or the migrate-sun-ds-config tool.
  7. If you notice continued variances in your configuration, contact your authorized support provider.