PingDirectory Server includes two configuration scripts that can serve as the starting point for setting up the Consent Service. Both scripts must be carefully reviewed and updated to support your client application scenarios and business needs.

  • consent-service-base-entries.ldif - This LDIF script can be imported to create the base DN where consent records will be stored.
  • consent-service-cfg.dsconfig - This script can be imported to configure and enable the Consent Service.

Both are located in the /resource/consent/ directory of the PingDirectory Server server root.

Basic configuration with the consent-service-base-entries.ldif file includes:

  1. Edit the LDIF script and change the location of where consent records will be stored.
  2. Import the LDIF script using the ldapmodifycommand, such as:
    $ bin/ldapmodify --defaultAdd \
      --filename consent-service-base-entries.ldif

Basic configuration with the consent-service-cfg.dsconfig file includes:

  1. Search for CHANGE-ME and replace values.
  2. Review configuration commands and make additional changes to match existing Ping environment parameters, application scenarios, and business needs.
  3. Impost the script with the dsconfig command, such as:
    $ bin/dsconfig --no-prompt \
      --batch-file consent-service-cfg.dsconfig