The Directory Proxy Server allows you to configure the log retention policy for each log on the server. When any retention limit is reached, the Directory Proxy Server removes the oldest archived log prior to creating a new log. Log retention is only effective if you have a log rotation policy in place. If you create a new log publisher, you must configure at least one log retention policy.
  • File Count Retention Policy. Sets the number of log files you want the Directory Proxy Server to retain. The default file count is 10 logs. If the file count is set to 1, then the log will continue to grow indefinitely without being rotated.
  • Free Disk Space Retention Policy. Sets the minimum amount of free disk space. The default free disk space is 500 MBytes.
  • Size Limit Retention Policy. Sets the maximum size of the combined archived logs. The default size limit is 500 MBytes.
  • Time Limit Retention Policy. Sets the maximum length of time that rotated log files should be retained.
  • Custom Retention Policy. Create a new retention policy that meets your Directory Proxy Server’s requirements. This will require developing custom code to implement the desired log retention policy.
  • Never Delete Retention Policy. Used in a rare event that does not require log deletion.