1. Use the dsconfig command in non-interactive mode to create and configure the new log publisher. This example shows how to create a logger that only logs disconnect operations.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-log-publisher \ 
      --type file-based-access --publisher-name "Disconnect Logger" \ 
      --set enabled:true \ 
      --set "rotation-policy:24 Hours Time Limit Rotation Policy" \ 
      --set "rotation-policy:Size Limit Rotation Policy" \ 
      --set "retention-policy:File Count Retention Policy" \ 
      --set log-connects:false \
      --set log-requests:false --set log-results:false \ 
      --set log-file:logs/disconnect.log
    Note: To configure compression on the logger, add the option to the previous command:
    --set compression-mechanism: gzip
    Compression cannot be disabled or turned off once configured for the logger. Therefore, careful planning is required to determine your logging requirements including log rotation and retention with regards to compressed logs.
  2. If needed, view log publishers with the following command:
    $ bin/dsconfig list-log-publishers