1. Use the dsconfig tool to create and configure a client connection policy.
    $ bin/dsconfig
  2. Enter the connection parameters to the server (for example, host name, connection method, port, bind DN and bind DN password).
  3. In the Directory Proxy Server main menu, enter the number associated with client connection policy configuration. Then enter the number to create a new client connection policy.
    >>>> Client connection policy menu
    What would you like to do?
      1) List existing client connection policies
      2) Create a new client connection policy
      3) View and edit an existing client connection policy
      4) Delete an existing client connection policy
      b) back
      q) quit
    Enter choice [b]: 2
  4. Enter n to create a new client connection policy from scratch.
    >>>> Select an existing Client Connection Policy to use as a 
    template for the new Client Connection Policy configuration or 
    ‘n’ to create one from scratch:
      1) default
      n) new Client Connection Policy created from scratch 
      c) cancel 
      q) quit       
  5. Enter a name for the new client connection policy.
    Enter the 'policy-id' for the Client Connection Policy that you                    
    want to create: new_policy
  6. Indicate whether you want the policy to be enabled by default.
    Select a value for the 'enabled' property: 
      1) true
      2) false
      ?) help
      c) cancel
      q) quit
    Enter choice [c]: 1
  7. Provide a value for the evaluation-order-index property. Client connection policies with a lower index will be evaluated before those with a higher index.
    Enter a value for the 'evaluation-order-index' property: 2     
  8. The properties of your new client connection policy are displayed. If you want to make any further modifications, enter the number corresponding to the property. Enter f to finish the creation of the client connection policy.

    Any changes that you make to the client connection policy do not apply to existing connections. They will only apply to new connections.