The Administrative Console Manangement Console provides a user-friendly graphical editor with tabs to manage any existing schema component related to the DIT: object classes, attributes, matching rules, attribute syntaxes, and schema utilities. The Object Classes and Attribute Types tabs enable viewing existing definitions as well as adding, modifying, or removing custom schema elements.

The Matching Rules and Attribute Syntaxes tabs are read-only and provide a comprehensive listing of all of the elements necessary to define new schema elements. The Schema Utilities tab provides a schema validator that allows you to load a schema file or perform a cut-and-paste operation on the schema definition to verify that it meets the proper schema and ASN.1 formatting rules. The Utilities tab also supports schema file imports by first checking for proper syntax compliance and generating any error message if the definitions do not meet specification.

Schema Editor Objectclasses

The Schema Editor provides two views for each definition: Properties View and LDIF View. The Properties View breaks down the schema definition by its properties and shows any inheritance relationships among the attributes. The LDIF View shows the equivalent schema definition in ASN.1 format, which includes the proper text spacing required for each schema element.