The following table provides a description of the attributes in the cn=Indirect LDAP Server monitor entry. These attributes provide information about a Directory Server that is connected to a different replication server in the topology.

dn: cn=Indirect LDAP Server <baseDN> <serverID>,cn=monitor
Monitor Attribute Description
replica-id: <serverID> ID number identifying the replica.
base-dn: <baseDN> Base DN
connected-to: Remote Repl Server <baseDN> <host name:replPort> <replID> Replication server to which the directory server is connected.
replication-backlog Number of changes that the replication server has not seen from the server.
approximate-delay Amount of time between the last change seen by this Directory Server and the most recent change seen by the remote replication server. This value is the amount of time between the time stamps, not the amount of time required to synchronize the two servers.
generation-id Generation ID for this suffix on this remote replication server.
consumed-update-recent-rate Rate that the connected Replication Server is consuming updates sent by this replication server, expressed as the number of updates per second and measured over the last five seconds.
consumed-update-peak-rate Highest rate that the connected Replication Server has consumed updates sent by this replication server, measured over a five second period since the replication server was started.