The ABS configuration file ( is located in the ABS config directory. The following table explains the parameters and provides recommended values.

Parameter Description
ABS IP, port, log level, and JKS password
timezone Set the timezone to utc or local. The default timezone is utc.

Port for ABS to ASE and REST API to ABS communication.

The default value is 8080.


Log detail captured. The default is INFO.

Additional options - DEBUG, ERROR, WARN, FATAL.

jks_password The password of the JKS Keystore. ABS ships with a default obfuscated password. You can reset the password and obfuscate it. This password should be the same that you would use in importing your CA-signed certificate .
ABS performance configurations
system_memory Memory size in MB allocated to run machine learning jobs. Recommended to be at least 50% of system memory.
queue_size Do not change the value of this parameter. The default is 10.
ABS email configurations for alerts and reporting
enable_emails Enable (true) or disable (false) ABS email notifications.
sender_email Email address used for sending email alerts and reports.
receiver_email Email address notified about alerts and reports. If you want more than one person to be notified, use an email alias.
email_password Password of sender's email account.
Note: You can leave this field blank if your SMTP server does not require authentication.
smtp_port Port number of SMTP server.
smtp_host Hostname of SMTP server.

Set to true if you want email communication to be over SSL. Make sure that the SMTP server supports SSL. If you set smtp_ssl to true and the SMTP server does not support SSL, email communication falls back to the non-SSL channel. The default value is true.

Set it to false if email communication is over a non-SSL channel. The email communication will fail if you set the parameter to false, but the SMTP server only supports SSL communication.


Set to true if you want ABS to verify the SMTP server's SSL certificate. The default value is false.

If you set it to false, ASE does not verify SMTP server's SSL certificate; however, the communication is still over SSL.

Note: If you have configured an IP address as smtp_host and set smtp_cert_verification to true, then make sure that the certificate configured on the SMTP server has the following:
X509v3 extensions:
           X509v3 Key Usage:
              Key Encipherment, Data Encipherment
           X509v3 Extended Key Usage:
              TLS Web Server Authentication
           X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:
               IP Address: X.X.X.X
Here x.x.x.x is the IP address is the address configured in smtp_host.
MongoDB configurations
mongo_rs Comma separated MongoDB replica set URI. A maximum of three nodes can be configured.

The MongoDB metadata database name.

The default value is abs_metadata.


The MongoDB data database name.

The default value is abs_data.


The MongoDB machine learning database name.

The default value is abs_mldata

mongo_auth_mechanism Defines the method in which MongoDB authenticates. The possible values can be:
  • NONE - Set it to NONE, if authentication is not configured in MongoDB
  • DEFAULT - Set it to DEFAULT, if you want to use native MongoDB username and password. Prove the values in the next two variables.
  • PLAIN - Set it to PLAIN, if you want to use LDAP authentication. In this case, provide the LDAP username and password in the next two variables.

Username of MongoDB.

Note: Required for MongoDB authentication
mongo_password MongoDB password
mongo_ssl Set it to true if MongoDB is configured to use SSL connections. The default value is false.
mongo_certificate Set it to true if you want to verify MongoDB SSL server certificate when ABS connects to MongoDB. The default value is false.
Note: Make sure mongo_ssl is set to true before setting mongo_certificate to true.
ABS reporting node

When true, designated as a dedicated Reporting or Dashboard node. This ABS node does not process log data or participate in an ABS cluster.

The default value is false.

Note: Multiple nodes can be Reporting or Dashboard nodes.
Cloud and OAuth configurations
Note: The following parameters are applicable when ABS is running in cloud mode. These are preset configurations, which should not be edited.
bucket_name The AWS S3 bucket name.
env_id The environment id of the tenant.
deployment_type The ABS deployment mode. Valid values are cloud or onprem. The default value is onprem.

The audience claim (aud) of the access token.

oauth_issuer_whitelist The list of valid JWT issuers from whom the tokens are expected.
oauth_jwks_endpoint The JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) endpoint.

A sample file is displayed below.
# Ping Identity Corporation, ABS config file
# All the keys should be present, leave blank value if not applicable

# Set the timezone to utc or local. The default timezone is utc.
# REST API port
# Log levels (ALL > DEBUG > INFO > WARN > ERROR > FATAL > OFF)
# Java KeyStore password
# MongoDB replica set URI. For example, mongodb://<IP1>:<Port>,<IP2>:<Port>,<IP3>:<Port>. Maximum three nodes can be configured.
# MongoDB Database
# MongoDB authentication
# If authentication is not enabled in MongoDB, set the mongo_auth_mechanism to NONE
# The supported MongoDB authentication mechanisms are DEFAULT and PLAIN.
# If authentication mechanism is DEFAULT, provide MongoDB username and password for mongo_username
# and mongo_password. If authentication mechanism is PLAIN, provide external
# LDAP username and password in mongo_username and mongo_password.
# Mongo DB SSL
# Set to true if Mongo DB instance is configured in SSL mode.
# By default, ABS will try to connect to Mongo using non-SSL connection
# Mongo DB Server Certificate Verification
# Set to true if Mongo DB instance is configured in SSL mode and you want to do the server certificate verification
# By default ABS will not verify the MongoDB server certificate
# Job queue size per node
# Setting as true makes an ABS node for dashboard query only and does not participate in ABS cluster for log processing
# Memory for webserver and streaming server (unit is in MB)
# E-mail alerts
# SMTP host
# SMTP port
# Set this value to true if smtp host support SSL
# Set this value to true if SSL certificate verification is required
# Sender email id
# Sender's email password
# Receiver's email id
# Set this value to appropriate AWS S3 Bucket name, if ABS is running in cloud mode
# Set this value to appropriate Env Id, if ABS is running in cloud mode
# Set this value to either cloud / onprem, as per the ABS running mode. By default set to onprem
# Token validation params
# Audience
# Issuer whitelist
# JWKS endpoint