PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard provides a graphical view of an API environment. It provides insights on user activity, attack information, blocked connections, forensic data, and much more.

The following diagram shows the data flow between ASE, ABS AI Engine, and PingIntelligence Dashboard.

Data flow between ASE, ABS, and PingIntelligence Dashboard

The Dashboard fetches data from the ABS AI engine and lets you:

  • View API activity.
  • View the training status and other API information.
  • Organize APIs into logical groups.
  • Hide or display APIs from the main API dashboard, sort and search for APIs.
  • View the API dashboard.
  • View attack insight to understand why a client was flagged for an attack.
  • Unblock a client or tune AI engine thresholds.
  • Manage API Discovery using automatic or manual mode.