For ABS to start, the abs_master.key must be present in the /opt/pingidentity/abs/config directory. If you have moved the master key to a secured location for security reasons, copy it to the config directory before starting ABS.

You can start ABS in one of the following two ways:
  • Using service script available in the util directory, or
  • Using the script available in the bin directory.

Start ABS as a service

Complete the following steps to start ABS as a service:
  1. Navigate to the util directory and run the following command to install ABS as a service:
    #sudo ./ pi-abs
  2. Start the service by entering the following command:
    systemctl start pi-abs.service

Start ABS using script

To start ABS, run the script located in the /opt/pingidentity/abs/bin directory. Change working directory to /opt/pingidentity/abs/bin. Then start ABS by typing the following command:

$ /opt/pingidentity/abs/bin/
Starting API Behavioral Security 4.2...
please see /opt/pingidentity/abs/logs/abs/abs.log for more details

To verify ABS has started, change working directory to data directory and look for two .pid files, and Check the newly added ABS node is connecting to MongoDB and has a heartbeat.

> use abs_metadata
switched to db abs_metadata
> db.abs_cluster_info.find().pretty()
 "_id" : ObjectId("58d0c633d78b0f6a26c056ed"),
 "cluster_id" : "c1",
 "nodes" : [
         "os" : "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo)",
         "last_updated_at" : "1490088336493",
         "management_port" : "8080",
         "log_port" : "9090",
         "cpu" : "24",
         "start_time" : "1490077235426",
         "log_ip" : "",
         "uuid" : "8a0e4d4b-3a8f-4df1-bd6d-3aec9b9c25c1",
         "dashboard_node" : false,
         "memory" : "62G",
         "filesystem" : "28%"
 } ] }

Stop ABS using script

To stop ABS, first stop API Security Enforcer (if it is running) or turn OFF the ABS flag in API Security Enforcer. If no machine learning jobs are processing, run the script available in the bin directory.

# /opt/pingidentity/abs/bin/
checking API Behavioral Security status
sending shutdown signal to ABS, please wait...
API Behavioral Security stopped
Note: If you have started ABS as a service and try to stop using the script, ABS would restart after stopping.

Stop ABS using service script

Run the following command to stop the ABS service: c
systemctl stop pi-abs.service