ABS sends an e-mail report every 24 hours at midnight, 00:00:00 hours (local system time). Each report includes values for the following parameters:

  • ABS Node Status: resource utilization of CPU, file system, and operating system
  • ASE Logs Processed: Compressed file size of ASE logs processed in 24-hours
  • Total Requests: The number of requests in the processed log files in 24-hours
  • Success: The total number of requests which got a 200-OK response
  • Total Anomalies: Total number of anomalies detected across APIs in 24-hours
  • Total IOC: Total number of attacks detected in 24-hours
  • When: The time when the email report was sent
  • Where: The ABS node that sent the email report
  • MongoDB node IP address and status
Following is a sample ABS email template:
Dear DevOps,
    Please find the daily report generated by at 2019-Jun-25 00:02:00 UTC 
===================Cluster Details=============
ASE Logs Processed: 93.78MB
Total Request: 678590 
Success: 596199
Total Anomalies: 7
Total IOC: 2
When : 2019-Jun-25 00:02:00 UTC

==================Node1 ===================
Host :
OS : Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5 (Maipo)
CPU : 24
Memory : 62G
Filesystem : 39%

================Mongo1 ====================
Host :
Status : up

================Mongo2 ====================
Host :
Status : up

================Mongo3 ====================
Host :
Status : up

API Behavioral Security.