Check and open MongoDB default port

The MongoDB default port for connection with ABS is 27017. Run the script on the ABS machine to determine whether the default port is available. Input the MongoDB host IP address and default port as arguments. For example:

/opt/pingidentity/abs/util ./ {MongoDB IPv4:[port]}

Run the script for MongoDB master and slave. If the default ports are not accessible, open the port from the MongoDB machine.

Configure ABS to connect to MongoDB

ABS access key and secret key are used for MongoDB and REST API authentication. Edit abs_init.js in /opt/pingidentity/mongo directory to set the key values. Here is a sample abs_init.js file:


":" (colon) is a restricted character and not allowed in access key and secret key.

"access_key" : "abs_ak",
"secret_key" : "abs_sk"

Do not edit the abs_init.js file, for any subsequent changes to ABS access key and secret key. It is recommended to use update_keys CLI command to change the keys. For more information, see ABS CLI.

Copy the abs_init.js file from ABS


folder to the MongoDB system /opt/pingidentity/mongo folder.

At the MongoDB command prompt, update the MongoDB settings with the latest abs_init.js file.

# mongo admin -u absuser -p abs123 < /opt/pingidentity/abs/mongo/abs_init.js
MongoDB Shell version 4.2.0
connecting to: admin
switched to db abs_metadata
WriteResult({ “nInserted” : 1})

Verify MongoDB SSL certificates

You can configure ABS to verify the validity of MongoDB server certificate, when ABS connects with MongoDB. This is an optional check which can be enabled by setting mongo_certificate parameter in /<pi_install_path>/pingidentity/abs/config/ file. For more information, see Verify MongoDB SSL certificates.