To start the Docker containers and setup, enter the following command on the host Ubuntu machine:

/opt/pingidentity/docker-poc$sudo ./bin/ setup
sudo ./bin/ setup
Tue Dec 28 02:03:14 MST 2021 : Starting setup scripts
ASE is running in inline mode and POC mode is set to true
Training period configured: 1 hour(s)
Creating network pingidentity_net
Creating service pingidentity_mongo
Creating service pingidentity_dashboard
Creating service pingidentity_kafka
Creating service pingidentity_server
Creating service pingidentity_ase
Creating service pingidentity_abs
Creating service pingidentity_client
Creating service pingidentity_apipublish
Creating service pingidentity_zookeeper
Tue Dec 28 02:04:47 MST 2021 : Setup successful

Verify ASE and ABS startup

Wait for a minute after the successful completion of the set up and enter the following command to verify that ASE and ABS have started:
#sudo docker service logs pingidentity_ase | grep 'API Security Enforcer started'
#sudo docker service logs pingidentity_abs | grep 'ABS started'
If a wrong license is installed, the following error is displayed:
Fri Jun 18 06:32:27 UTC 2021 : Starting setup scripts
License not found. Please place PingIntelligence.lic file at /<pi-inistallpath>/pingidentity/docker-poc/license/ location
Note: If PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard is configured with SSO mode, then update the content of cert/webgui-sso-oidc-provider.crt with the PingFederate public certificate.