Carry out the following basic steps to verify the setup:

  1. Listing the Docker Containers

    List all the containers with the docker ps command.

  2. Get Console Access:

    To get console access for any of the Docker, fetch the Container ID of the Docker using the docker ps command output and use it in the following command:

    #docker exec -it <docker-container-id> /bin/bash

  3. PingIntelligence for APIs Products:

    The Intelligence products are installed in the /opt/pingidentity directory within the Docker.

  4. Checking the service names:

    To get the service names of the containers, run the following command:

    #docker service ls

    The service name is the second column in the output.

  5. Checking the logs of service:

    To check the log of any service, use the following command:

    #docker service logs <service name>

    For example docker service logs pingidentity_ase