Navigate to /opt/pingidentity/ase/config/abs.conf and refer to the PingIntelligence cloud information received via email to configure the following:

  • Set abs_endpoint to ABS IP
  • Set access_key to ABS access key
  • Set secret_key to ABS secret key
  • Set enable_ssl to true
Here is a sample abs.conffile:
; API Security Enforcer ABS configuration.
; This file is in the standard .ini format. The comments start with a semicolon (;).
; Following configurations are applicable only if ABS is enabled with true.

; a comma-separated list of abs nodes having hostname:port or ipv4:port as an address.

; access key for abs node 

; secret key for abs node

; Setting this value to true will enable encrypted communication with ABS.

; Configure the location of ABS's trusted CA certificates. If empty, ABS's certificate
; will not be verified