PingIntelligence Cloud deployment has two components which work together to complete your PingIntelligence PoC environment. The PingIntelligence Cloud environment is distributed between the following:

  • PingIntelligence ABS, Dashboard, and MongoDB are hosted as a cloud service managed by Ping Identity
  • PingIntelligence Cloud Connector (referred to as PingIntelligence ASE in the documentation ) is deployed in your API environment.

PingIntelligence Cloud service can be deployed in two modes:

  • Inline mode
  • Sideband mode

Inline mode

In inline mode, ASE receives API client traffic and routes the traffic to API servers. It can be deployed behind an existing load balancer, such as AWS ELB. In inline mode, ASE terminates SSL connections from API clients and then routers the API requests to the target APIs – running on an API Gateway or app servers, such as Node.js, WebLogic, Tomcat, PHP, etc. To configure ASE to work in Inline mode, set the mode=inline in the ase.conf file. The following diagram shows the inline deployment:

Sideband Mode

In sideband mode, ASE receives API calls from an API gateway which uses policies to send API request and response metadata to ASE. In this mode, the API Gateway still terminates the client requests and manages the traffic flow to the API servers. PingIntelligence currently supports sideband policies on the following platforms, PingIntelligence API gateway integrations. .

To configure ASE to work in sideband mode, set the mode=sideband in the ase.conf file. The following diagram shows the sideband mode of deployment:

For more informatio on different ASE modes, see the ASE Admin Guide.