To view the Blocklist chart details and drill-down information, click Dashboard > Blocklist.

PingIntelligence dashboard blocklist by client type

Graph filters

The following Client type graph filters are available. Select or clear the check boxes to include or exclude blocked Client types in the report, for the specified period:
  • Token
  • IP
  • Cookie
  • API Key
  • Username

Blocklist table

The filtered graph results are displayed in a table below the graph, for further drill-down, inspection and analysis.

Blocklist table
Column Description
Client type The type of client
Client ID The unique ID of the client that is blocked


Click on a table column heading to sort the table according to that column. Click on the column heading again to display a reverse sort according to that column.

API drill-down

In the Clients table, click on an entry in the Client ID column, to display the Client activity dashboard with further details about that client's activity in the reported period.