If you have configured the API Key in Request Header or in Query String, the PingIntelligence Dashboard reads and converts these values to apikey_qs or apikey_header values in the ASE API JSON. PingIntelligence's AI engine considers API Key values only in request headers or the query string.

Similarly, if you have configured OAuth2 token, the PingIntelligence Dashboard marks the value of oauth2_access_token as true in the ASE API JSON.

Note: You do not need to configure any tags for API Keys or OAuth2 token.

Following API JSON file shows the converted parameters. The protocol, url, and hostname are picked from the values that you configure in Resource path when you create the Frontend API.

    "api_metadata": {
        "protocol": "https",
        "url": "/shop",
        "hostname": "",
        "cookie": "JSESSIONID",
        "cookie_idle_timeout": "",
        "logout_api_enabled": false,
        "cookie_persistence_enabled": false,
        "apikey_qs": "KeyId",
        "apikey_header": "",
        "enable_blocking": true,
        "login_url": "/shop/login",
        "api_mapping": {
            "internal_url": ""
        "api_pattern_enforcement": {
            "protocol_allowed": "",
            "http_redirect": {
                "response_code": "",
                "response_def": "",
                "https_url": ""
            "methods_allowed": [],
            "content_type_allowed": "",
            "error_code": "",
            "error_def": "",
            "error_message_body": ""
        "flow_control": {
            "client_spike_threshold": "0/second",
            "server_connection_queueing": false
        "api_memory_size": "64mb",
        "health_check": false,
        "health_check_interval": 60,
        "health_retry_count": 4,
        "health_url": "/",
        "server_ssl": false
        "servers": [],
        "decoy_config": {
            "decoy_enabled": false,
            "response_code": 200,
            "response_def": "",
            "response_message": "",
            "decoy_subpaths": []