The API JSON file parameters define the connectivity to the token endpoint.

To configure the API JSON file:

  1. Navigate to the /pingidentity/ase/config/ directory.
  2. Edit the sideband_api.json.example file, and set the value of url parameter to /as and login_url parameter to /as/token.oauth2.

    /as/token.oauth2 is the token endpoint of PingFederate authorization server.

  3. Rename the sideband_api.json.example file to pf.json.
  4. After configuring the API JSON file, add it to ASE by executing the following command.
    /opt/pingidentity/ase/bin/ –u admin -p admin add_api pf.json
    The following is a sample configuration of the API JSON file.
      "api_metadata": {
        "protocol": "http",
        "url": "/as",
        "hostname": "*",
        "cookie": "",
        "oauth2_access_token": false,
        "apikey_qs": "",
        "apikey_header": "",
        "login_url": "/as/token.oauth2",
        "enable_blocking": true,
        "api_memory_size": "128mb",
        "decoy_config": {
          "decoy_enabled": false,
          "response_code": 200,
          "response_def": "",
          "response_message": "",
          "decoy_subpaths": []

    For more information on configuring API JSON parameters, see Defining an API using API JSON configuration file in sideband mode.