Here is a summary of the software, documentation, and server requirements.

Docker images

Download the Docker PoC package. The Docker package creates the following five containers on the host machine:

  1. API Security Enforcer (ASE)
  2. API Behavioral Security Engine (ABS)
  3. PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard
  4. Client that sends the traffic
  5. Google Go App server

PingIntelligence license: PingIntelligence for APIs license is required to start ASE and ABS. Contact the Ping Identity sales team to access the trial license.

Postman reporting

ABS generates various REST API reports. You can view these reports using Postman client or any other REST API client. PingIntelligence provides a Postman collection to view the various ABS reports. Download the Postman client from the Postman site.


Refer the following Admin Guides:

  • ASE Admin Guide - Refer the ASE admin guide to learn about administering ASE, inline ASE, real-time cybersecurity and so on.
  • ABS Admin Guide - Refer to the ABS admin guide to learn about administering ABS, AI engine training, various REST API reports and so on.
  • PingIntelligence Dashboard - Refer to the Dashboard admin guide to learn about how to access and use Dashboard.

Server requirements

The set up requires one machine which hosts all the six Docker images. The server requirement for the machine is specified in the following table:

OS Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Hardware 8 CPUs, 32 GB RAM, 500 GB Storage

The server requirement is for a single server for evaluation purpose only.

Docker version

The setup requires the Community Version (CE) of Docker 18.09 or higher. Make sure that the Docker infrastructure is set up before proceeding with installation and setup of PingIntelligence for APIs software.