Both platforms are built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which hosts resources in multiple locations worldwide. Each AWS region is isolated from other AWS regions and contains between two and five availability zones. Each zone is supported by at least one physical data center in that region. While a single availability zone can span multiple data centers, no two zones share a data center to reduce the likelihood of two zones failing simultaneously.

You have one region with the PingOne Cloud Platform, and you can have between one and three different regions with PingOne Advanced Services. All regions guarantee uptimes of 99.99%:

  • With the PingOne Cloud Platform, your region can be in the United States, Canada, EMEA (Germany or Ireland), or Australia.
  • With PingOne Advanced Services, your regions can be in North America (US-West, US-East, or Canada), in the EMEA (Germany or Ireland), or in the APAC (Australia or Singapore).

PingOne SaaS services can be replicated within their geographic region, and PingOne Advanced Servicescan be replicated across all regions and across all availability zones within a region.

Both of these solutions are deployed using active-active configurations, which means the database contains at least two active nodes that share data and write to the database. If one connection becomes unavailable, all traffic is routed through the other connection. Having this type of configuration in place improves application availability, scalability, security, and performance, and reduces, if not completely eliminates, downtime from new application deployments or database upgrades and patching.