Skip this step if you are using one of the following methods to load data during the initial setup:

  • Each server instance imports the same user data from one or more LDIF backup files
  • Data is synchronized from another source, such as an Active Directory server, to all servers
  • No data is imported initially

Data must be imported and available on a single server only. Servers that do not feature user data must be initialized reliably and quickly.

Note: The absence of user data during the initial setup does not prevent the the environment from being set up correctly.
  1. Create or obtain the topology.json file either manually or by using external automation. When promoting from a dev/test environment to a stage/prod environment, you can obtain a topology.json file using the manage-topology export subcommand.
  2. Import data into one of the server instances, as follows:
    import-ldif --backendID userRoot \
      --ldifFile userData0.ldif \
      --ldifFile userData1.ldif
  3. Initialize data on each server by using this server as the initial source:
    dsreplication initialize \
      --topologyFilePath /path/to/topology.json \
      --retryTimeoutSeconds 120

    For the sake of simplicity, other dsreplication options are not shown.