For new installations, the server exports LDIF data by default every day at 1:05 a.m. in the default time zone for the Java virtual machine (JVM), which is generally the time zone configured for the underlying system. At the scheduled time, the server exports the contents of each public backend to a file in the server root ldif directory.


Public backends are non-administrative backends containing user-supplied data.

The server compresses and encrypts the LDIF exports if the global configuration is set to encrypt LDIF exports by default, which is enabled if encryption is configured during setup. The LDIF exports are rate limited to ten megabytes per second to minimize the impact on server performance, and exports are retained for seven days.

The recurring task chain is created in instances that are updated to this release. However, the task chain is not enabled by default.

LDIF export can export multiple backends in the same recurring task. You can use the backend-id property to include multiple backends. You can use the exclude-backend-id property to exclude one or more backends. These optional properties are mutually exclusive:

  • If the backend-id property has one or more values, only the backends with those IDs are exported.
  • If the exclude-backend-id property has one or more values, all public backends except those listed are exported.
  • If neither the backend-id property nor the exclude-backend-id property supply values, all public backends are exported.