Dashboards are defined by Velocity templates. After servers are configured, the LDAP dashboard displays all metrics from monitored servers. See Velocity templates for more information about templates and template components.

Use the following options and resources to configure and customize the LDAP dashboard:

  • Access the configuration file for the LDAP dashboard at <server-root>/config/velocity/templates/_ldap-dashboard-config.vm.

    Use the config file as a guide for customization, but do not change it.

    Files within this directory that begin with an underscore (_) are templates that are referenced by each of the dashboards. The _ldap-dashboard-config.vm template is the only file that contains all of the dashboard configuration inside the file. Configuration of other templates requires configuration of a corresponding dashboard file as well.

  • The _ldap-dashboard-config.vm file references the customizable template file in <server-root>/velocity/templates/_ldap-dashboard-config-overrides.vm.. Use this file to perform customizations.
  • Both the _ldap-dashboard-config.vm and _ldap-dashboard-config-overrides.vm files contain configuration instructions.
  • You can customize the following in the _ldap-dashboard-config-overrides.vm file:
    • The charts that display for each server type and their styles. See Available charts for PingDirectory servers for more information.
    • The charts that display for a data center and their styles.
    • The charts that display for an application type and their styles.
    • The default time resolution (two weeks, is the default for data displayed).
    • The size of the charts.