Activity performed by a particular LDAP bind DN can be associated with a PingDataMetrics server application-name, which in turn can be included in PingDataMetrics server service level agreement (SLA) definitions.

The Processing Time Histogram plugin is configured on each PingDirectory server and PingDirectoryProxy server as a set of histogram ranges. These ranges should be defined identically across all monitored servers. For each monitored server, set the separate-monitor-entry-per-tracked-application property of the processing time histogram plugin to true. Per-application monitoring information appears under cn=monitor. The per-application-ldap-stats property must also be set to per-application-only in the Stats Collector Plugin. For Tracked Application configuration details, see the PingDirectory Server Administration Guide.

The following example sets the required property of the Processing Time Histogram plugin.

$ bin/dsconfig set-plugin-prop \
  --plugin-name "Processing Time Histogram" \
  --set separate-monitor-entry-per-tracked-application:true

The following example sets the required property of the Stats Collector plugin.

$ bin/dsconfig set-plugin-prop \
  --plugin-name "Stats Collector" \
  --set per-application-ldap-stats:per-application-only