Additional configuration properties that are available for Boolean SCIM 2.0 attribute mappings include:

The name of the LDAP attribute (in the mapped representation of the source entry generated by the sync class) whose value will be used as the value of the SCIM 2.0 attribute. This is required, and the LDAP attribute must have a value of either true or false.

This SCIM 2.0 attribute mapping type does not support multivalued attributes because it doesn’t make sense for a Boolean attribute to have multiple values.

You can use the following example configuration change to create a Boolean SCIM 2.0 attribute mapping:

dsconfig create-scim2-attribute-mapping \
     --mapping-name "Account Enabled" \
     --type boolean \
     --set scim-attribute-name:active \
     --set ldap-attribute-name:accountEnabled \
     --set attribute-usage:fetch \
     --set attribute-usage:create-during-realtime-sync \
     --set attribute-usage:create-during-resync \
     --set attribute-usage:update-during-realtime-sync \
     --set attribute-usage:update-during-resync \
     --set single-valued:true