The notification handler references the email template in the config/account-status-notification-email-templates folder.


The setup script creates an example notification handler in a disabled state. This handler cannot be enabled until an SMTP server becomes available in the global configuration.

  1. Create or enable the handler:
    • To create the handler from scratch, use the dsconfig create-account-status-notification-handler command.
      $ dsconfig create-account-status-notification-handler \
      --handler-name "Delegated Admin Email Account Status \
      Notification Handler" --type multi-part-email --set \
      enabled:true --set \
      "account-creation-notification-request-criteria:Delegated \
      Admin User Creation Request Criteria" --set \
    • To enable the handler that is provided with the setup script, use the dsconfig set-account-status-notification-handler-prop command.
      $ dsconfig set-account-status-notification-handler-prop \
      --handler-name "Delegated Admin Email Account Status Notification \
      Handler" --set enabled:true
  2. Set the handler in the password policy.
    $ dsconfig set-password-policy-prop \
    --policy-name "Default Password Policy" --set \
    "account-status-notification-handler:Delegated Admin Email Account \
    Status Notification Handler"