The PingDirectory server provides a default SCIM HTTP Servlet Extension that can be enabled and configured using a dsconfig batch script located in the config directory. The script runs a series of commands that enables an HTTPS Connection Handler, increases the level of detail logged by the HTTP Detailed Access log publisher, and adds access controls to allow access to LDAP controls used by the SCIM Servlet Extension. There are additional optional configurations (for example, changing the log format, enable entryDN virtual attribute and using VLV indexes) that you can make by altering the dsconfig batch script.

The SCIM resource mappings are defined by the scim-resources.xml file located in the config directory. This file defines the SCIM schema and maps it to the LDAP schema. This file can be customized to define and expose deployment specific resources.

The following procedures show how to configure SCIM on the server. The first example procedure shows the steps to manually configure SCIM without using the script. The second example procedure uses the dsconfig batch script to configure SCIM.