If the Sync Source is configured with use-changelog-batch-request=true, PingDataSync will use the get changelog batch request to retrieve changes from the LDAP changelog. This extended request can contain an optional set of selection criteria, which specifies changelog entries for a specific set of attributes.

PingDataSync takes the union of the source attributes from PingDataSync distinguished name (DN) mappings, attribute mappings, and the auto-mapped-source-attributes property on the Sync Class to create the selection criteria. However, if it encounters the value "-all-" in the auto-mapped-source-attributes property, it cannot make use of selection criteria because the Sync Pipe is interested in all possible source attributes.

When the PingDirectory server receives a get changelog request that contains selection criteria, it returns changelog entries for one or more of the attributes that meet the criteria.
  • For ADD and MODIFY changelog entries, the changes must include at least one attribute from the selection criteria.
  • For MODDN changelog entries, one of the RDN attributes must match the selection criteria.
  • For DELETE changelog entries, one of the deletedEntryAttrs much match the selection criteria.

If auto-mapped is not set to all source attributes, at least one should be configured to show up in the deletedEntryAttrs (with the changelog-deleted-entry-include-attribute property on the changelog backend).

Another way to do this is to set use-reversible-form to true on the changelog backend. This includes all attributes in the deletedEntryAttrs.