Notification mode, a configuration setting on the Sync Pipe, requires a one-way directional Sync Pipe from a source endpoint topology to a target client application.

PingDataSync detects the changes in the PingDirectory server’s LDAP change log, filters the results specified in the Sync Classes, applies any distinguished name (DN) and attribute mappings, then reconstructs the change information from the change log attributes. A server extension picks up the notification arguments from the SyncOperation interface (part of the Server SDK) and converts the data to the desired output format. The server extension establishes the connections and protocol logic to push the notification information to the client applications or services. All of the operations, administration, and management functions available in standard mode, such as monitoring, (LDAP, JMX, SNMP), alerts (JMX, SNMP, SMTP), and logging features are the same for notification mode.


The Server SDK includes documentation and examples on how to create a directory server extension to support notification mode.

For a given entry, PingDataSync sends notifications in the order that the changes occurred in the change log even if a modified attribute has been overwritten by a later change. For example, if an entry’s telephoneNumber attribute is changed three times, three notifications will be sent in the order they appeared in the change log.

A diagram illustrating notification mode architecture