Before you begin, you need an SNMP subagent capable of communicating using SNMP2c. For more information about SNMP, see Monitoring using SNMP.

The PingDirectory server also supports an SNMP alert handler, which is used in deployments that do not enable an SNMP subagent.

To configure the SNMP subagent alert handler:

  • Run dsconfig.

    In this example:

    • The server-host-name is the address of the system running the SNMP subagent.
    • The server-port is the port number on which the subagent is running.
    • The community-name is the name of the SNMP community that is used for the traps.
    $ bin/dsconfig set-alert-handler-prop \ 
      --handler-name "SNMP Subagent Alert Handler" \ 
      --set enabled:true \ 
      --set server-host-name:host2 \ 
      --set server-port:162 \
      --set community-name:public