Because some configuration objects are more likely to be modified than others, the PingDirectory server provides four different object menus that hide or expose configuration objects to the user. The object type is a convenience feature designed to improve menu readability.

The following object menus are available:

Only includes the components that are configured most frequently.
Includes all components in the Basic menu plus other components that might occasionally need to be altered in many environments.
Includes all components in the Basic and Standard menus plus other components that might require configuration under special circumstances or that might be harmful if configured incorrectly.
Includes all components in the Basic, Standard, and Advanced menus plus other components that almost never require configuration, or that could seriously impact the functionality of the server if not properly configured.

To change the dsconfig object menu:

  1. Using dsconfig, repeat steps 1–6 in Installing the PingDirectory server in interactive mode.
  2. On the PingDirectory Server configuration main menu, enter the letter o to change the object level.

    Basic objects are displayed by default.

  3. Enter a number corresponding to an object level of your choice.
    • Enter 1 for Basic.
    • Enter 2 for Standard.
    • Enter 3 for Advanced.
    • Enter 4 for Expert.
  4. Review the menu at the new object level.

    Additional configuration options for the server components are displayed.