If the setup tool does not run properly, some of the most common reasons include the following.

A Java environment is not available

The server requires that Java be installed on the system before running the setup tool.

If there are multiple instances of Java on the server, run the setup tool with an explicitly defined value for the JAVA_HOME environment variable that specifies the path to the Java installation. For example:

$ env JAVA_HOME=/ds/java ./setup

Another issue might be that the value specified in the provided JAVA_HOME environment variable can be overridden by another environment variable. If that occurs, use the following command to override any other environment variables:

$ env UNBOUNDID_JAVA_HOME="/ds/java" UNBOUNDID_JAVA_BIN="" ./setup

Unexpected arguments provided to the JVM

If the setup tool attempts to launch the java command with an invalid set of arguments, it might prevent the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from starting. By default, no special options are provided to the JVM when running setup, but this might not be the case if either the JAVA_ARGS or UNBOUNDID_JAVA_ARGS environment variable is set. If the setup tool displays an error message that indicates that the Java environment could not be started with the provided set of arguments, run the following command:


The server has already been configured or started

The setup tool is only intended to provide the initial configuration for the server. It will not run if it detects that it has already been run.

A previous installation should be removed before installing a new one. However, if there is nothing of value in the existing installation, the following steps can be used to run the setup program:

  • Remove the config/config.ldiffile and replace it with the config/update/config.ldif.{revision} file containing the initial configuration.
  • If there are any files or subdirectories in the db directory, then remove them.
  • If a config/java.properties file exists, then remove it.
  • If a lib/setup-java-home script (or lib\set-java-home.bat file on Microsoft Windows) exists, then remove it.