Minimizing Replication Conflicts

If two different clients attempt to create an entry with the same distinguished name (DN) at the same time against different servers, it's possible that both client requests will succeed. This triggers the server to send a conflict alert. You can minimize these conflicts by understanding the client traffic pattern beforehand. PingDirectory's Assured Replication feature and the PingDirectoryProxy server can both assist in minimizing conflicts.

For more information, see Configuring assured replication and PingDirectoryProxy.

Replication Purge Delay

Adjust the default one-day replication purge delay to accommodate automatic catchup of changes when a server is offline for an extended period of time. The replication changes database, stored in <server-root>/changelogDb, grows larger with longer replication purge delays.

Define a minimum value for the replication purge delay. Make sure the value is consistent across all servers.

For more information, see Modifying the replication purge delay.


All servers in a replication topology must have the same domains.


Because the PingDirectory replication topology assumes that all domains are on all servers, it is not suitable for environments with an inconsistent presence of domains across the server topology.