The response-timeout property specifies how long PingDataSync should wait for a response from a search request to a source server before failing with LDAP result code 85 (client-side timeout). When a client-side timeout occurs, the Sync Source will retry the request according to the max-failover-error-code-frequency property before failing over to a different source server and performing the retry. The total number of retries will not exceed the max-operation-attempts property defined in the Sync Pipe configuration. A value of zero indicates that there should be no client-side timeout. The default value is one minute.

Assuming a bidirectional topology, the property can be set with dsconfig on the Sync Source and Sync Destination, respectively.

$ bin/dsconfig set-sync-source-prop \
  --source-name src \
  --set "response-timeout:8 s"
$ bin/dsconfig set-sync-destination-prop \
  --destination-name U4389 \
  --set "responsetimeout:9 s"