PingDataSync servers provide a Configuration API, which can be useful in situations where using LDAP to update the server configuration is not possible. The API is consistent with the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0 protocol and uses JSON as a text exchange format, so all request headers should allow the application/json content type.

The server includes a servlet extension that provides read and write access to the server’s configuration over HTTP. The extension is enabled by default for new installations, and can be enabled for existing deployments by simply adding the extension to one of the server’s HTTP Connection Handlers, as follows:

$ bin/dsconfig set-connection-handler-prop \
  --handler-name "HTTPS Connection Handler" \
  --add http-servlet-extension:Configuration

The API is made available on the HTTPS Connection handler’s host:port in the /config context. Because of the potentially sensitive nature of the server’s configuration, the HTTPS Connection Handler should be used, for hosting the Configuration extension.