PingDirectory servers provide information about their current state and any problems encountered. If a problem occurs, run the Collect Support Data tool. The tool aggregates all relevant support files into a .zip file that can be sent to a support provider for analysis. The tool also runs data-collector utilities, such as jps, jstack, and jstat, plus other diagnostic tools for the operating system.

The tool can only archive portions of certain log files to conserve space so that the resulting support archive does not exceed the typical size limits associated with e-mail attachments.

The data collected by the Collect Support Data tool can vary between systems. The data collected includes the configuration directory, summaries and snippets from the logs directory, an LDIF of the monitor and RootDSE entries, and a list of all files in the server root.


The Collect Support Data task is not recommended on directory servers running in a Docker container because this container has limited memory. If running the Collect Support Data task exhausts the container's memory, then the server will crash.

To run this tool from the administrative console:

  1. Start the administrative console.
  2. In the top-level navigation menu, select Status.
  3. Click Download CSD.
    A screen capture highlighting the "Download CSD" button in the Status section of the administrative console.
  4. In the Collect Support Data window, populate the properties according to the help text.
  5. Click the Run Task button.

    If there is any issue with scheduling the task, an error message displays in the bottom-right corner of the page. Resolve the issue as described to proceed.

    A screen capture displaying the "Task Operation Failed" error message in the bottom-right corner of the page, generated upon failure to run the Collect Support Data task.
  6. If the task is scheduled successfully, a confirmation message appears in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  7. Wait for the task to complete.

    This can take several minutes.

  8. After the task is complete, the generated files are automatically downloaded to the <directory>/csd-files directory.

    When the administrative console sends a request to the PingDirectory server to generate the support files, the <directory>/csd-files is the default path for storing the resultant file package. This default path can be modified in the <directory>/console/WEB-INF/classes/application.yml directory.