PingDataSync servers provide information about their current state and any problems encountered. If a problem occurs, run the collect-support-data tool in the /bin directory. The tool aggregates all relevant support files into a .zip file that can be sent to a support provider for analysis. The tool also runs data collector utilities, such as jps, jstack, and jstat plus other diagnostic tools for the operating system.

The tool might only archive portions of certain log files to conserve space, so that the resulting support archive does not exceed the typical size limits associated with e-mail attachments.

The data collected by the collect-support-data tool can vary between systems. The data collected includes the configuration directory, summaries and snippets from the logs directory, an LDIF of the monitor and RootDSE entries, and a list of all files in the server root.

  1. Go to the server root directory.
  2. Run the collect-support-data tool. Include the host, port number, bind distinguished name (DN), and bind password.
    $ bin/collect-support-data \
    --hostname --port 389 \
    --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager"
    --bindPassword secret
  3. Email the .zip file to a support provider.